February 2, 2023

I love this tool.. today.. I believe I started using it correctly because my site traffic jumped from 1000 + HITS A Day to 4 Thousand..+ a day..  

SU.PR Is one of the best and one of my main sources for traffic on my website.  It’s free and you can check how many times the link has been clicked instantly. You can also schedule posts to hit your twitter account, and your facebook pages.

As a hip hop music blogger, I love finding new things and this was a gem!
visit su.pr today to get started.

With Su.pr you can do the following:

  • Post (and automatically shorten) your URLs to your Twitter and Facebook Wall or Fan Page.
  • Schedule your posts at optimal times.
  • Get suggestions for best posting times.
  • Reporting and graphs for your posts.
  • Exposure for your content to the entire StumbleUpon community.
  • Ability to highlight the best pages on your domain along with the main post.
  • Advanced options for your own custom short URLs.

In order to use Su.pr, you must have a StumbleUpon account. If you don’t have one already, you can easily create an account here. Logging in to your StumbleUpon account will automatically grant you access to Su.pr syndication.
Once you are logged in to your StumbleUpon account, you may open your Su.pr homepage.
Su.pr Settings ConfigurationOnce you are logged in to Su.pr, you will first have to let Su.pr know what Twitter and/or Facebook accounts it should post to. You can do that on the Settings page. Please note that you must be logged in to those respective Twitter and Facebook accounts on the same computer and browser, in order for your posts to be successfully syndicated.
Making a Post From Su.prNow that you’ve got your destination Twitter/Facebook accounts set up, you are ready to start posting!
Go back to your Su.pr homepage and enter the comment and URL you would like to share with your Twitter followers or Facebook friends.
As the image above shows, you can either: a) post immediately, b) only shorten the URL to use elsewhere (other social media networks, blogs, etc.) or c) schedule your post for later.
Checking Your Stats and ReportingAs soon as you’ve made a post, you can immediately start checking stats in real time.
At a glance, you will be able to see how the post will appear to your recipients, how many times the su.pr link was clicked on (18 clicks), how many other views it got from the StumbleUpon community (28K views), how many times it was retweeted and how many times it was reviewed by StumbleUpon members.

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