February 3, 2023

Song Review

“One and Only ” by kapomann

Creativity – Not many artists from the down south rap about this subject, it’s hard to hear something other than the dope boy sh*t.  This song took another route. Good Job.

Hook- The hook gets a little repetitive and annoying

Beat- I hate the beat for this song, it may fit somewhere else but not here. 

Originality- The sound was different doesn’t sound like the artist was following or imitating someone else’s flow or style. Definitely showed their own personality here!

Lyrics : Pretty cool not a lot of quotables throughout, but wasn’t terrible.

Melody: Hated the beat and the melody on the hook didn’t do anything for me.

Flow- Sounded like the artist was trying to catch up with the beat, but artist had a pretty solid flow.

Production/Recording quality- Definitely a good thing when the artist takes the time to get a professional mix on their music.  This was a professional presentation.

Does the song engage the listener and/or have emotional

I would say yes here, as far as engaging. I feel like a lot of guys can relate to it because they have that one chick at home that holds them down. The women can relate because they are that female. 

 Does the melody suit the song and contribute towards its

Only when the rapper does their verses, hated the melody on the hook didn’t feel like it fit.

Is the song memorable?     
On a scale of 1-10 ten being the highest I would say 5, only because I think the song was a little average.

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