February 3, 2023
Song Name: One Question
Artist Name: Disable f/ True (@Disable_MMi f/ @True_LGMG)

Creativity –  The concept is a little played but they definitely tried to show their vision with the song.

confidence- The singer seems to have it down. The artist sounds a little unsure of self.

Flow- The flow is a little stop and go, like they are in the studio reading the lyrics it lacks energy.

Originality – Even though  there were parts of this song which had apparently a personal connection with this artist it reminded me of Jadakiss’s song “Why”

Lyrics- The lyrics have a bit of emotional connection, however some of the things referenced people that the audience doesn’t know that maybe the artist does, that could be a big issue when trying to connect with the audience

Melody- The melody is pretty straightforward, it’s not an overused structure though definitely gets points here for that.

Production/Recording quality – Pretty decent, the beat however doesn’t sound mixed very well … only because listening to it i heard cymbal crashes that were not very pleasing to my ear.

 Does the song engage the listener and/or have emotional

On a scale of 1-10 ten being the highest I would say a 4 because the flow and the relatability of the subject matter just didn’t capture me.

 Can the song be understood/enjoyed without knowing the

I would say no, because you still want your audience to be able to relate and this just didn’t do that for me.

 Does the melody suit the song and contribute towards its

A little 

Is the song memorable? Sadly no.

Song was decent I just feel like the artist should keep working, I hear potential there.  Practice on memorizing your verses and boosting your confidence when you get in the booth.

 reverbnation.com/omniconglomerate, facebook.com/pages/disable, bandcamp.disable.com



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