January 29, 2023
Nikki McKnight “Sky’s The Limit” produced by Mike Deville
Song Critique and Review by — Phoenixstar9

Creativity- 8/10

Hook- I love the hook. It totally compliments the track. 

Beat-  The beat is raw, brings out the rawness of the song.

Originality- This is a dope track, Sky’s definitely the limit, doesn’t jock anybody just a perfect example of individuality.

Lyrics : Nix brought out the big guns here.  Great quotables here  ” I’m reaching for the sky, they’re reaching for the crown, homie you crossed 

the line, your reach is out of bounds” and “I observe well I know your weaknesses, I sent my team through the hole in your defenses” word play is 

crazy, metaphors going ham.

confidence: The confidence definitely amps the track, completely boosts the energy of the song.

Structure: The structure on this song goes a little differently 

Flow- Nix’s flow is on point, doesn’t miss a beat, she spits with high self esteem and a winner take all attitude.

Production/Recording quality- The beat and the vocals sound pretty crisp.

Does the song engage the listener and/or have emotional

Definitely, I had to go back and rewind it a few times! 

 Does the melody suit the song and contribute towards its
Certainly does, the melody,the cadence and rhythm of the song all bring out the best in each other.

Is the song memorable?     
Very much so, I will definitely be adding this song to my playlist.

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