January 28, 2023

I’m pretty sure growing up we all had some music class or other, chorus,band,choir, something.  I personally had a blast in school doing music programs those were the best part of my day, aside from lunch.  Now with major budget cuts among other things school music programs are being taken out.   No music loving person can stand for that! Here are 5 ways we can help save the music.

1. Even if you don’t have money to donate to a school’s music program, you can volunteer in fund raisers to help get money for instruments,sheet music, etc.  Call your local school, and find out what their process is and what it is exactly that you are trying to accomplish most are glad to help point you in the right direction.

2.  Maybe you don’t have the time , but maybe you can put on a fundraising CONCERT OR Talent show via VH1’S Save The Music foundation by filling out an application here http://vh1savethemusic.com/send-app.  They will send you a fund raising toolkit once you are approved.  

3. Even as a business owner you can still help out  Find out how you can become a sponsor of a school music program by contacting your local school or school board.  It looks good on you!  If you own a store or a restaurant offer to have or allow parking for music program events nearby. Plus it could boost your revenue!

4.  Got some old equipment just laying around? Pianos,Keyboards,Drumsets, music books etc? Donate them! It can help more than you would ever know!

5.  You can make a nice donation to VH1’S Save the music http://www.vh1savethemusic.com/donation  Here is a little more info on what they do here The VH1 Save The Music Foundation helps develop long-term, sustainable instrumental music programs that provide children with equal access to music education regardless of their financial situation. Through strategic partnerships with school districts, the Foundation provides brand-new musical instruments to public elementary and middle schools, jump-starting dormant music programs across the country. The school districts commit to funding certified music teachers’ salaries, providing maintenance and supplies, and scheduling instrumental music classes during the school day.  The Foundation maintains a partnership with the district until instrumental music is in place in every school. The VH1 Save The Music Foundation is dedicated to restoring instrumental music programs to ensure that all children have access to a complete education. In the communities with which we grant, we work at the district level, from the top down. If a need for instrumental music education exists, we look to the superintendent and school board for a commitment to restore music in every school within a district. With a common goal of fully rebuilding, community partnerships are created and instrumental music education is brought back to life”

These are just a few of the ways you can help keep the programs in the schools. So let’s go!

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