January 27, 2023

There has been loads of controversy over the years in regards to the lease beats market. Alot of producers are finding themselves between a rock and a hard place, because they didn’t make it quite clear enough the type of agreement they were setting forth to the client. There are certain steps that must be taken in order to avoid the downfalls of the lease beats game, and remain a power in this industry.

Certainly we all know that with out clarifying the elements of your lease with your potential customers you are setting a course for disaster. When you have a website that deals in leasing beats there is a need to me, to have those leasing rights listed in several different places. If you have a license page that describes the leasing and exclusive rights given to the client that is great. However, “is that enough?”, would be the question.

Many people tend to NOT want to browse around the website every time they need some info. Yet, many producers still tend to want this fantasy of millions of sales with out having contact with the customer. You will be surprised how many customers will purchase your product, having all these questions before purchase that they never got to ask. You will be even more surprised how many people had the question “Are these beats exclusive?” in mind.

This is where the issue comes in of where ownership lies when you do want to sell the beat exclusive. The person purchasing an exclusive will always want to know where the ownership stands after, and how many people have had some type of dealings with a particular beat.

Here are ways to avoid this situation.

  1. Know what the customer is looking for before you even send them to listen to your music (Exclusive/Nonexclusive)
  2. Make sure after you know what they are looking for, they know what you have to offer, and that you send them to a page that is directly relevant to what they are looking for.
  3. After a purchase is made, make sure you e-mail the customer a list of the rights they have attained by purchasing your product.
  4. Make sure that there is sufficient information on the page that the beats are being leased from, stating the rights that the client will have to the beats (in case they never get your e-mail of the rights, you will have evidence that information was provided.)

These things are very important. I never engage a customer about purchasing a beat with out making sure they know what I am giving them once they give me a certain amount of money. A customer should be thought of as a child in a way that knows nothing, and all information should be provided in order to bring them in to the “adult” world. Without taking these steps you could be setting your self up for failure in the future. You want your company name to be branded with clarity, and concise details that people can spread and let others know that this person is a great person to work with.

Just a little advise for those who are struggling with the new ways of the lease beats market. The key thing to remember is that you can never provide enough information to a client. Information is the key to the success of your business. If you are one of those dudes with a website totally based on selling, you may want to change over to a website more based on informing. Letting a customer know what you are offering, and still converting them into profit is far greater than keeping them in the dark and making money that will soon turn into a disaster situation of confusion.

Thanks to PhoenixStar9Online.com for letting me come and speak to you guys.


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