January 31, 2023
Want More Likes for your Facebook Page? More Reposts of your site content? More Comments?
I may have a solution but don’t quote me on it, PUNCH TAB!!! 
I currently use it great tool to have if you are trying to create a loyalty program for website visitors that make it a point to stop by your site, or like your page etc, they earn points towards gift cards and more!
– Phoenixstar9 

PunchTab is the world’s first instant loyalty platform that allows website owners (including bloggers), application developers and brands to create a social and mobile-enabled loyalty program for free in minutes. We have two popular products today, both of which cost nothing to use:

 1. An ongoing loyalty program that you can use to encourage your users to visit every day, share your content on social networks and leave comments (we also have a development kit that allows you to add custom ways to earn points). Users will earn points every day for their actions and can redeem for rewards from a customizable loyalty catalog when they earn enough points.

A one-time promotional giveaway widget that encourages your users to spread the word about your site in exchange for entries into a prize raffle.

For More details VISIT www.punchtab.com 

Drive repeat visits

Your visitors earn loyalty pointsfor visiting your site every day.

Encourage social actions

Facebook Like and commentsare reward-enabled.

Increase new visits

Run automated giveaways to boost social sharing.

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