December 3, 2022
How about that ride in?
Let’s get to it though.
Buffer is a web based twitter application that schedules your tweets at the times when your followers are most likely to pay attention and click them.  They have add ons for google chrome as well.
Pro’s of this application is that they do deliver! It takes the guess work out of figuring what times you should schedule your tweets for more link clicks etc.  It’s free.  If you go to the settings page you can add more scheduled tweet times. (The default amount is like 3or 4.
Con’s of this application is that if you want to add an additional twitter account you will have to pay for an upgrade to a premium package.  There is also no way to do recurring tweets so everything is done by hand.  
I am using it now and it’s a pretty great tool.  Take the time to sign up for buffer.

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