February 3, 2023

Open Letter to fellow music producers.
Stop sending beats off blindly.  

Be careful how you send your “BEATS” out.  I see a lot of producers selling the beats for $11 or less or more sometimes it doesn’t really even matter.   The point is I was just trolling  scrolling around the internet and came across this article Producer T-minus responds to beat theft allegations.  In this article it states ” On August 17, upstart Atlanta rapper J-Lie accused Wayne and Drake of stealing the “She Will” instrumental from his single, “Letting Go.” ”   What the hell? Ok first thing is first here, The Rapper shouldn’t have taken to accusing the Major Artists of beat theft, because for 1. He was not the producer.  If he had a contract with the producer stating that he had EXCLUSIVE (meaning he was the only one legally authorized to use the beat) he should have first contacted the producer.  They didn’t steal the song they just happened to have gotten a hold of the same beat.  If the other artist was also sold exclusive rights etc, then we have a problem.  Not a good business practice. 
 Which brings me to my next point producers need to know WHERE and to who they are sending their music.  I receive so many beats during the week.  Why are you sending me the full beat?  Why do you not have TAGS on this beat?  Is this beat copyrighted?   Most professional producers will only play music for a potential artist in an actual live session.  It is important to remember where you are sending the music.  If your music comes up on the radio or some shit, are you legally able to go after this person in court?  Too many producers don’t even copyright their music.   That needs to stop.
The only other complaint here is making sure that even if you give out NON EXCLUSIVE rights to a beat (meaning you are letting multiple artists purchase the beat, but their usage is limited.) ,  MAKE SURE YOU SPELL OUT what the artist or person purchasing the beat, has the right to do with it.  
In the case that a major artist gets your beat, you don’t want to be the source of additional stress etc in that artist’s life when something like this happens.  If you gave out your beats with no type of limitations and legal rights you need to fix that.  If an artist uses your beat for something MAJOR and you didn’t give them rights to do so HANDLE THAT.   This situation should have never gotten that far.  
Bottom line is DON’T mess up your contacts, and your reputation by not being more responsible as to where you send your music and what rights you give to who.  

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