February 3, 2023
IBM: Denounce Ghana’s Order to ‘Arrest all Gays’

IBM has been on the forefront of human rights, particularly LGBT rights in the workforce, often praised for being the most ‘gay friendly’ employer, called a pioneer in supplier diversity, and recipient of many other awards for their diversity and equality efforts.
Recently, IBM opened a subsidiary in the west African country of Ghana, and even partnered with the University of Ghana to expand their technology commitment and R&D potential. IBM hopes to expand their collaboration with Ghana, while local industry and government look forward to the tools and resources that IBM can provide; such efforts will likely bolster Ghana’s self-sufficiency, and improve their marketability on the global market in a number of industries. 
In a disgusting and abhorrent move, Ghana’s Western Region Minister Paul Evans Aidoo called for the immediate arrest of all persons ‘suspected of homosexual activity’ in the region, ordering law enforcement agencies and even landlords to turn people in and make the arrests.
This is more than discrimination; it is pure hatred and violence, and threatens the citizens of Ghana, and international tourists and business people visiting the African country.
Given IBM’s commitment to equality, it is vital that they denounce Minister Aidoo’s arrest order, and demand the end to violence and discrimination against LGBT in Ghana.
Send a message to IBM: Silence kills, but your voice can save!

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