February 2, 2023
 2009 Throwback

(Hope to get an Updated one soon) 

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Platinum producer for T-pain (best love song, booty wurk etc),lil Wayne HOW TO HATE carter 4,akon,Chris brown, tech n9ne,gucci,pitbull,travie mccoy,
Q:You really have a lot going on. What made you jump into making music?

I’ve always had a love for music as long as I could remember. Like most I started out wanting to be a rapper at like 14, so I had to make beats for myself on a casio and a tape deck, lol. Wasn’t serious then and never thought I’d be where I am today. One thing led to another and here I am.

Q:How long you been at these beats?

Its been about 5 years, 2 professionally, meaning my full time job.

Q:How does it feel to have worked with Tech9, and to be the 3 Time Grand Champ on rocbattle?

It’s a great feeling. Seeing my track on tv the first time was great. Especially since I was in the video. Then seeing my song on other shows and the cheerleaders on that Paula Abdul show, dancing to my stuff was awesome. The champ status is cool as well, I’ve gained a lot of respect, and of course haters along with it, but mostly good dudes respect me, because they know I’m 100% and down to earth, and worked hard to get where I’m at.

q:what do you feel you can bring to the table of production?

I definitely am creating a new style for the game. I wanna dominate every category, and be like no other producer. I’m also working on a totally brand new type of music I will unveil later this year. Probably with my artist Jettydarider. Gonna have a lil movement if all goes to plan.

q:what is your main goal with production?

To leave a stamp on this industry, and be a legend. Also make enough, to get everyone I love right financially. Depending on how rich I were to get I have a lot of donation programs I’d love to do but thats a ways down the road.

q:are you mainly software based or hardware based?

All software for now, Fl studio, custom drums, and vst’s along with my keyboard is all I’m rockin’ with.

q:what is your fave piece of equipment /program ?

Fl studio is highly underrated. Just have to know what your doing. I will probably always use it as my main sequencer.

q:what projects or artists are you working with or on right now?

Workin on a lot of things, tech n9ne as always, jus landed 8 on his mlk 2 record due out march. Also 2 on krizz kaliko’s follow up, so far. It will probably end up being more. Also 3 records with young buck 1 feat. Roccet. Working with Amerie, day 26, and submitting to 50 cent. Dre mckenzie is confident in a lot of my records so we will see what comes of that.

q: have you ever been beat jacked?

Well I’m sure I have but not by anyone significant enough to give promo to.

q:who do you want to work with ?

I want to work with every major act in the game. Across every genre. From fergie, to pink, to beyonce, to jay-z, Natasha bedingfield and all that.

q:what do you feel is your strongest genre?

Most would think dirty south, but i’d have to say r&b and just that youngfyre sound that has no real category. On the ds tip tho, I am bringing a totally different sound to that. Its definitely a new sound for ds!

q:which mainstream beat made you say ” i shoulda made that ?”

Hmmm, I dunno probably swagga like us, cuz I coulda made the beat 10 times better. Lol.

q:when you create what do you like to start with first , melody, bassline drums?

Definitely drums most times. Sometimes melody but usually drums.

q:name your starting 5 rocbattle producers..

hmm excluding my production company kasai llc.
ra charm
j keys
clinton place
major music

Q: favorite artists right now ?

Even tho every body hates him I still love Wayne for challenging the game. I was a fan since way before he was hot so its good to see him prosper. Still love busta, Missy, and for some reason I love maroon 5. dudes just got a different kind of swag to em lol.

Q:do u feel like the artist makes the beat or the beat make the artist?

That can go both ways, but usually the beat makes the artist.

q: top 5 mainstream producers new or old?

Teddy riley
quincy jones

q: where you reppin from ?

Des Moines, Iowa!!!! actually I live in the suburbs now so Urbandale, IOWA!!!! lmao but yea I love it here except winter time.

q: how does it feel to have so many producers look up to you ?

It is a great honor, and I definitely fell blessed. I try and respond to every significant email I get. Of course I can’t get them all but I try hard to. I pride myself on being one of the most well grounded individuals. Anyone who really knows me would say the same.

q: what has rocbattle done for your life?

It definitely gave me a good boost. I was dope when I got there but, definitely stepped it up way more once I left. Creates a healthy competition. It has its course like anything else at some point, one has to sit back and focus on the main objective. But its definitely a great learning tool for anyone on the come up

Q: what does youngfyre do in his spare time?

Make beats make beats and make beats!!! Sometimes I hop on cod on ps3, but mainly beats. Lol. O yea and I go to the movies every Friday faithfully, I’m a movie junkie!!

q? what is the most valuable advice would you offer to the other rocbattle producers/beatmakers ?

Know the business, plain and simple. Get all your business straight to stand out from the next man. Assemble a team that belies in what your doing. And your good to go.

q:what is the best way to contact you ?

Myspace is fine. Www.myspace.com/youngfyre5 also I need for everyone to check my pmp page and subscribe and tell all your friends to do the same, check at least every friday got a new track up every friday!! im almost the #1 cat on there. With all the industry heads on there its a great look. Www.pmpworldwide.com/youngfyre

q:do you have your own website ?

It’s currently under construction, but is definitely gonna be a dope site once its done.

q:what are some deals you have on beats ?

I do not lease my beats over and over like a lot of cats are into today. I invented a new contract called exclusive lease, I had it written up this year. Basically offers the same terms as an exclusive but allows me to keep the tracks rights, in case a beyonce comes along and says she wants that beat. It’s a protection for myself, and a way to keep the beats cheaper for the indies. Those start at 1500.

q: what can we expect from youngfyre in the future?

Look out for kasai llc. Im developing a small team as we speak, and am taking audtions. I am only looking for the hottest and i’m tough on who I let in. I’ve signed a 16 year old phenom out of Baltimore by the name of karbon. So far I’ve gotten him a 5 placements, and we’re working on a lot more. I’m looking for a great guitarist, great pianist, and drummer. I may take on a couple more producers. But looking for great and consistent hard working writers as well. I need for them to be able to compete with the neyo’s etc. If you feel you’ve got it you can submit to kasaimp3@gmail.com and I will review and contact you back to go from there. I’m also looking for a promo team, you may submit that to me via myspace as I will respond faster.

Q:any shoutouts?

Everyone at rocbattle, conrad, my management team, tech 9 and the whole strangemusic. I’m not naming names cuz I always forget someone lol.

q:well young fyre this was like an honor man truly thank you for coming through

no doubt thanx for having me god bless.

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