February 3, 2023

Q: Hi Yung miss ! how are you ?

YM: Im pretty good

Q: how long have you been at the beats?

YM:I’ve been producing since September 2006

Q:what made you start?

YM:Well, when I found out that you can make beats on your computer ,and you didn’t have to have a big studio and all that, I had to try it out for myself. Plus I wanted to make my own music because I knew what type of beats I was lookng for as an artist.

Q:what do you feel you can bring to the table of production?

YM:Everybody always says make whatever genre is going to sell. I can’t conform that easily. I just make music that I like and music that I think artist will enjoy as well.

Q:what is your main goal with production?

YM:Im not really out to get placements or anything like that. I just enjoy making a beat, vibin’ to it, then waiting for someone to add their vocal interpretation of what they think my beat means. Sorry if that sentence was confusing. Basically it is nice to hear the creativity that my beats force artists to have.

Q:are you mainly software based or hardware based?

YM:Well, I started off with just Fruity Loops and stock sounds. I didn’t know you could add all the bells and whistles but once I found out, I got mainly into Soundfonts, VSTs, and samples. Nowadays I do use a MIDI keyboard and it is very beneficial when it comes to composing more so then just clicking squares in Fruity Loops.

Q:what is your fave piece of equipment /program ?

YM:To be honest, I love my pc keyboard. It is designed where it has a black plastic area to rest your wrist and whenever I have an idea for a drum pattern I drum it out with my fingers on that plastic. Sounds weird right? I’d have to show you but it’s like practicing before making the beat.So when I do go into Fruity loops, which is my favorite software, I know exactly what i want to do with the drum pattern.

Q:what projects or artists are you working with or on right now?

YM:I have a lot of internet artists who will be releasing singles using my beats. I can’t even name them all. I am in contact with Lady Twist from the VH1 show Miss Rap Supreme and I might get a beat placement on her album with her and Bree,who is also from the show. As an artist myself, I am working on my new mixtape which will be entitled “Go Girl”. I’m really looking forward to releasing it and letting people hear my singing and rapping abilities. Plus it would be nice to have some people bumpin’ my music in their car on the way to work. I’ve heard it done and it’s a great feeling.

Q:who do you want to work with ?

YM:I wanna work for diddy. Just kidding. It would be nice to meet him though. There is no certain person that I’d like to work with. Im all for working with anyone who is willing to work hard along with me and make good music.

Q:which mainstream beat made you say ” i shoulda made that ?”

YM:Man! I hear so many beats on the daily that make me say “I should have made that”. I’d have to say one of my favorite mainsteam beats is from that Biggie and Lil Kim song called “Crush on You”. Whenever that joint comes on, it’s a wrap!

Q:when you create what do you like to start with first , melody, bassline drums?

YM:I like to start with the drums the majority of the time. If I am walking around all day with a melody in my head i will start with that then build around it. When I build beats over acapellas I start with either a bassline or drums.

Q:who or what do you feel influenced you to jump into the production game?

YM:Other producers influenced me. I kept hearing beats on forums and liking song and hating others and it made me want to try and make music that was better than what i was hearing. I am still influenced by producers today. I have a horrible record on rocbattle.com but I have grown so much by being beaten because I learn what i need to fix and hear what might be better in my beats. Just because my record isnt the greatest doesn’t mean I havent murked about 50 dudes online. That’s a great accomplishment and i’m sure it was a embarrising moment for the guys to be “beaten by a girl”.

Q:do you have any links to your completed works with artists already on it ?

YM:Yes I do. Every now and then i release a mixtape just for music where some dope artists hoped on my beats. its called the Drawing Board. Here’s a link to Vol.2
http://www.zshare.net/download/151959093 beb5fdf/

Q:what is the best way to contact you ?

YM:You can always reach me at c2k112@aol.com. If you have AIM, my screen name is c2k112 and I am online most of the day.

Q:do you have your own website ?

YM:www.YungMiss.com is in the works but for now please visit www.soundclick.com/yungmissbeatz to hear all my beats [almost 300+] and you can visit www.myspace.com/connieclarkakayungmiss to hear my music as an artist.

Q:what are some deals you have on beats ?

YM:I keep my beat prices very low. Leases are $10 and exclusives range from $30-$50. I have a
2 for $75,
5 beats for $125
10 beats for $250
20 beats for $400
type deal goin on right now….

Q:aside from the music what can we catch Yung Miss doing on the side?

YM:Im currently in school to get my Associates degree. I plan to major in Computer Information Systems so keep an eye out for graphic work from ya girl.

Q:anything youd like to let other producers who are just starting know?

YM:Research your craft. I spent hours reading about Fruity Loops and what i needed to make my beats better. Youtube has so many tutorials on everything you want to know, wheteher it be how to make a bassline or how to mix and eq your beats. The information is out there for you but you have to look.

Q:Thank you for your time !!

YM:No problem! Thank you for the oppurtunity! GIRLS RULE, BOYS DROOL!!! __________________

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