December 9, 2022
Q: Who are TrakkBlazers? Please introduce the members of your team.
ARK: TrakkBlazers is a production duo from the Midwest. It�s made up of myself (Arkutec) and YM (Young Money), I live in the middle of Kansas… and YM just bought his first home in Louisville KY,,, so there is a lot of distance between us but we still manage to connect and hustle everyday.

We basically both started as solo producers about 3 or 4 years back, then in 06 we heard each others tracks on a site ( and started to network. We don�t make every beat together, actually we just kind of combine both our libraries together. We do occasionally produce a beat together but most of our tracks our either produced by me or him. We both have a very different sound then each other but are both very diverse with our material. Although most of the Dirty South stuff we have is all YM, and most of the RNB Club stuff is mine lol. I also tend to take care of all the �sending out beats to everybody, dealing with the artistsconnectionsmanagers� stuff, the paperwork stuff like that.

Q:Who do you feel influenced your sound?

ARK: Our sound is heavily influenced by so many things. I actually love classic rock, and a lot of easy listening. Bands like Rush, Yes, Genesis… I love ELO and Pink Floyd.. Daft Punk too…

Hip Hop Production wise I think of Rick Rubin as one of my icons, as well as the late great J Dilla, Just Blaze� I like Stoupe The Enemy (who is the producer for Jedi Mind Tricks, Canibus, etc�) and I know Scott Storch is one of YM�s favorites� And we both like The Neptunes a lot. Ryan Leslie is definatly my favorite producer right now tho… Him and 2 Nyce…

Hip Hop Artists wise� Busta Rhymes is my favorite, I also like Fabolous (who just turned down about 10 of our better beats this morning lol), Nas, 50, John Legend is one of my favs,,, Erykah Badu, Redman, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli.. and of course Hov�

Q: Do you have any upcoming projects you�d like to share with RocBattle?

ARK: We dont really have a lot going for us now,,, I try to keep a balance of working with heavyweight independent artists, as well as trying to get placements with major artists already in the game�
We�re producing over half the album of one of our bigger artist out of North Carolina (Nino, as well as working with Delaware artist Da Issue ( New York Misfits Ent artists DA The Future ( � Hopefully getting a track in with RNBPop sensation Tash (who is already working with Platinum hitmaker Kwame, and heavyweight producers CornerBoyz), and as always doing a track here or there with tons of smaller more local artist who seek our production.

As far as getting placements with artists that are already developed in the industry, we keep our buisness under wraps… I dont like to talk about deals that ain’t happened yet… Just expect to hear alot of stuff we worked on coming out of Grand HustleAtlantic soon.

As always we can really just dedicate our time and effort into our work and hope for the best with any situation.

Q: What is your favorite beat of all time?

ARK: My favorite beat of all time has to be Neil Pearts drum solo, The Rhythm Method, from Rush�s live album A Show Of Hands� That�s basically the single piece that wanted me to get into music period.

Q: Do you have your own website ?

ARK: We currently do not have our own website. I don�t see how having one would help us further our career at this point� Nearly all of our business is conducted through my myspace page (, or done on the phone.

Q: What are the deals that you all have on beats?

ARK: The leasing is easy, any beat is $10. Non Exclusive are our least concerns at this point, we�re really trying to concentrate on getting with the big name Indy artists and always persuing placements with the Major Labels and artists. If any artist should want Exclusive Rights to one of our beats, we like to work with them and charge the amount of money that fits their budget… Trust me, we research all the artists we work with before we work with them� and the last thing I am is selfish.

If anyone is interested in getting a beat or two from us the best site to hear our newer material is on our soundclick (

Q: What are some of your favorite sounds?

ARK: Well lol� a lot of our sounds are made. Some of our sounds are just started from a blank template, like a Sine or Saw sound, and then worked with the effects and knobs that a lot of producers ignore.

YM is actually the master behind most of our synths and analogdigital sounds� He sends me project files that I can barely play on my computer because each sound will be made up of 4 or 5 thin sounds stacked up,, and then have almost 6 or 7 filters and effects on it lol. You�d probably be surprised that a lot of our stuff is made from FL Studio VST Plugins, the ones that come with FL Studio lol,, 3 X OSC is a beast…

However I have been taking a shine to Reason lately, and a lot of the sounds in there come from sites like Pink Noise studios, or Sonic Reality. I love the Miroslav refills, and the Virology refill� I still tweak each sound so its not exactly the default setting (not as much as YM tho lol)� and the Reason Factory Soundbank ain’t no joke either…

The beat to me starts with the sound choices you make�

Q: What are some of your favorite drumkits?

ARK: Well my favorite kit is defiantly the 5 Piece Pearl Export Series sittin behind me lol,,, I like to make my own drums, either from live recording or from just stacking up thin sounds to make thick ones. YM defiantly runs the sound development for our instruments but the drums is my thing.
I�ve been a percussionist since 3rd grade, and have studied and played just about every percussive instrument there is… Bongo – Chime – Timpani… watever..

But I don�t make every single drum sound all the time tho lol,,, I have just about every drum kit from every site on the net, and I�d have to say KicksAndSnares ( is far superior to every other site out there� i.e. Go there and buy something…. Other then them its the little “No Name” kits I have that have some of the better sounds….

Q: Best way to contact you?

ARK: Whatever is easiest for you�

Email �

Myspace �

AIM � Arkutec (for me) or Tharippsta22 (for YM)

Yahoo IM �

Q: How did you get your start in producing?

ARK: Technically I started back in middle school� Which would have been around around 2002-2003� But I was just kind of toying around with FL Studio back then,,, not even serious at all� I just found FL Studio 3 on LimeWire and started messing with it like it was a video game lol�
But in 2006 I posted some tracks online and started to get a buzz� Made a MySpace page,,, got a lot of friend requests,,, and that�s about the story� nothing special about my start� Don�t know any other producers except the ones online�

Q: What advice would you give to up and coming producers?

ARK: Hahaha� I don�t think I�m in the position to be giving advice� All I can say is keep at the craft� I don�t really have a gift for this,,, and it wasn�t faith, or connections, or anything else that put me where I�m at� It was dedication,,, and persistence.. Training basically… and a love for doing it….

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