February 3, 2023
Q:how are you ?

A:I’m good. Thanks!

Q:how long have you been at the beats?

A:I been at it since i can remember banging beats on mama’s kitchen table.

Q:what made you start?

A:LOL…..not being able to afford going to the studio as much as I felt I needed to go.

Q:what do you feel you can bring to the table of production?

A:Good question. Well, at this level I’m still learning and have ways to go. But, what I’d like to bring to the table is something new and different. Which is why most of my music has a slightly different touch to it.

Q:what is your main goal with production?

A:Right now, to actually rhyme on a beat that I make. LOL…..I did this (producing) to save me money but the beats usually get away from me before I can put something together for myself. Other than that, I just want to make good music for the public to enjoy. Nothing more, nothing less.

Q:are you mainly software based or hardware based?

A:I’m mainly software based. The hardware is a mug to lug……LOL. Naah…..but it’s really alot better having everything in the old Macbook.

Q:what is your fave piece of equipment /program ?

A:Right now, I’m loving Pro Logic 8. It’s what makes my studio portable. I can record artists, produce, and mix all in within that 1 program. So yeah, that’s my favorite.

Q:what projects or artists are you working with or on right now?

A:At the moment I’m working with One 5 on his City 2 City album. I’m rhyming over quite a few tracks on that compilation. Shouts to Yung Miss for killing this collab we just did. And as we speak I’m putting a quick 16 together to do a collab with the homey Hush-Hush for a project he has going. And that’s just a pinch of what I got going.

Q:who do you want to work with ?

A:Right now, everybody and anybody talented. Famous or not. I just want to be surrounded by talented artists and producers so we can put some killer projects down.

Q:which mainstream beat made you say ” i shoulda made that ?”

A:Check Out My Melody by Eric B. & Rakim. I think Marley Marl produced that. Anyway, that’s the one for me. There’s alot heat out there but to me that beat as well as the lyrics started a new movement in Hip Hop.

Q:when you create what do you like to start with first , melody, bassline drums?

A:The drums. I get alot of flack for that too. Like I’m supposed to do the melody first or something. That’s bullshit to me. I say, whatever blows your hair back is what you should go with. Like I said, earlier, I the guy that used to bang beats on the kitchen table and hum along to the beat at the same time. That’s kinda the style I incorporate to any beat I make today and will continue to do.

Q:who or what do you feel influenced you to jump into the production game?

A:LOL…..once again, not being able to afford to go the studio as often as I felt the need. I’m truly a workhorse. I have material over material. So there had to be a way to bring the studio to me.

Q:do you have any links to your completed works with artists already on it ?

A:Oh yeah, check me out at www.myspace.com/diggadins

Q:what is the best way to contact you ?

A:www.diggadin@gmail.com or www.rocbattle.com/diggadin

Q:do you have your own website ?

A:I’m working on that as we speak.

Q:what are some deals you have on beats ?

A:Mostly all of my beats are going $10 a pop.

Q:aside from the music what can we catch diggadin doing ?

A:Aside from the music I’m raising my 4 kids and holding down the Mrs. Nothing more, nothing less. diggadin is a very simple man.
NWO !!!

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