February 8, 2023

Networking does not MEAN I’m doing FREE WORK or giving out free beats  or free promotion.  Nothing in this business or industry is free.  A producer doesn’t bust their ass in the studio day in and day out just to have somebody ask for them to send them a free beat.  What are you offering that producer in return ? Can you offer some free promotion? Have something to bring to the table before you approach them.  Promoters don’t do their blasts or have their street teams out here for their health.  Can you refer more actual clients to them? Can you provide a useful service in return? I honestly have witnessed firsthand where people have approached me and asked me to post a video or some music on my site.  Did they ask me what I needed? Or ask the price? Nope.  Newsflash we all gotta eat.  Don’t disrespect the promoter,the artist or the business. 

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