January 26, 2023

You’ve been there before someone approaches you on some business, they seem excited about it but you aren’t.  You are afraid to say no or to rock the boat.  F*ck that.  If you say NO early on in the proposition, it saves future problems.  Ask A&R’s ,D.J.s, Rappers, or Record execs it comes with the territory.

You can offer an alternative to their suggestion, and still remain polite and cordial. Stay firm in your decision and state your VALID reasons as to why this may or may not be a great idea.  Refer them to another source if you can’t handle the workload right then.  If you prefer or know someone else who may appreciate the proposition more let the receiver of your NO, know this and send a referral over.  It would be appreciated. 

Phrases like ” I don’t know if I will have the time to take this over for you but I can show you the steps to do it yourself” shows that you are still willing to help in some form or another. 

Use phrases like “That’s not a priority for me right now, but I can get to it later.”, “I get overwhelmed and overloaded sometimes and have to tell the important people in my life no, and this just happens to be one of those times.” 
In this business you have to be sure to color that “NO” in apology, and paint it with regret. You want your business relationship to be secured with that person after you decline. Don’t get TOO nice or so nice that they think you low key said yes.  Don’t embarrass or belittle them in your response. If you feel like the response will sound like a lecture or a put down, call them or meet in person.  
These are just a few tips designed to help you make it in this music industry. Use em! 
To Reiterate I’ve Enlisted Sesame Street’s tutorial Below 


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