November 30, 2022
Here are 7 ways to make a little or a LOT of money using your own music.
This list shows only a few ways to make money with your songs. Check out these 7 creative ways to get paid for something YOU love!

1. Royalty Free Music – Sell your music to radio stations  indie, internet, or radio for one lump sum price, and they can play your instrumental or song  for as long as they have proof they bought it.  Most can be sold for about $200 or more.  

2. Jingles – Companies need them for commercials, Radio Stations,  do a search and try contacting local ones or blog talk radio hosts and find out if they are interested.

Cuz jingles like the jg wentworth, Education connection are effin money in the bank for whoever made em.

3. Find plays in your area, if you are a writer try pitching your music to them, most are looking for new material  and you can get  paid.  

4. Upload your music to sites that pay you per  download/upload , “GIVE  AWAY” your music by signing up with programs that PAY you to have your fans , friends download the file  is a great start

5. Performances–  Find a venue try places like coffee shops, bars and charge a fee.  Pick a place that doesn’t get a whole lot of  traffic, they will be more likely to let you use their place on a slow night split the money that you get at the door with the owner or make an agreement. You have to have a fan base for this as well as a great promotional team and strategy.  

6. Digital Stream Broadcasting– When your song is streamed over the web or satel­lite radio, it is known as a non-interactive DSB (dig­i­tal stream broad­cast).  When your song is con­nected to a music player that users can rewind, fast-forward and play, then it is inter­ac­tive. Both have to be licensed through a DTR (Dig­i­tal Trans­mis­sion Right License), while the inter­ac­tive DSB has an addi­tional mechan­i­cal rights license. Roy­al­ties are paid through your PRO and the user of the mechan­i­cal license. Source —

7.  Merchandising–  Branding YOUR NAME, sell T-shirts for some reason people buy things from people to support them, wristbands, buttons, etc is also great for this.  Posters, apps from android phones, black berry etc.

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