February 1, 2023
Hi all just wanted to drop in and give 5 WAYS to get people to actually listen to your music.
1.  Before you send some one your music make sure you have a purpose for sending it, STATE that purpose in your message to them before or when you send it, and if you are sending it to a label, or someone for feedback, request permission from that person, or company beforehand shows that you cared enough to give them some courtesy.
2. Comment on other people’s music, leave feedback most people look at the profile of someone who took the time out to comment on their music, and  not just click and watch/listen.
3. If you actually took the time out to have a real convo with me, networking is about making a connection even if it’s online or face to face, I’m quicker to take a listen to someone that takes a minute out of their busy day or schedule to speak with me, at least a hey how are you and a genuine interest in that answer. 
I get all excited and what not.
4. Let people know that you DO MUSIC shit Have some music already recorded ! Half of the people that tell me they do music don’t have any to let me hear or a place for me to hear it. It’s either at a brother/cousin friend’s  house.. bruh.. 
Put your music links in your bio on your networking sites, somewhere something ! 
5. Please make sure you send MP3’S To people that you are emailing your music to.  No one appreciates those links, people are afraid to click them because too many viruses exist. Plus people with google email find it easier to  listen to it DIRECTLY from their inbox.  Plus it’s easier to share if I DO like it so make things easier on yourself and others and just attach an MP3 FILE. 

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