February 6, 2023

The Most Diverse Open Mic Eastside of I-20…

The Creative Culture Collective aka The CCCollective


Hip-Hop Sounds, Spoken Word Flava, NeoSoul & R&B Vibes, Bands, Acoustic Gangsterism & Owtdabockz Music, Rock Music, Blues, Soul, Funk, Your Kind Of Music, Sketch Art & Painting, Photography, Videography, Dance, Poetry, Visual Arts, CCCyphers, Top-notch Talent, Powerful Inspirational CCCreativity, CCCreative CCCommunity…

We invite and encourage CCCreative Artists of all genres: Musicians, Rappers, Comedians, Singers, Bands, Poets, Authors, Dancers, Actors, Visual Artists, Hair Stylists, Body Artists, and Business People.

We welcome new and aspiring artists as well as seasoned vets and everything in between to make yourself at home on our stage.

$3 Drink Specials Til 10

CCCreative Drinks in Unique Flavaz…Try The Fyerona, The Crunkinyela, The Tess Meet Me At Sunrise, The Worteous, The Black Gzus, The Mess Me Up, But Don’t F*kc Me Over (Virgin), The Mysteria, The Creamy Yum Yum and more~ Smooth than a mofo…

Long Island Ice Tea, Bob Marley, Ciroc Shots, Wine, Champagne, Beer, & Spirits…

Tasty Jamaican and American Food…Curry, Stew, & Jerk Chicken, Oxtails, Greens, Cabbage, Rice & Peas, Yams, Mac & Cheese, Patties, Cocoa Bread

Hosted by Nefertiti and the nefTUNES


Special Guest Performance From Poet/Philosopher/Patternis?t:

Black Gzus & Friends


Bring your instruments, CDs, flash drives, iPods, Blackberries, macbooks, PC’s notepads, dopetracks, clapping hands, stomping feet, singing voices, drawing fingers, dancing shoes, peace, hair grease, and whatever it is you need to feel CCCreative.

The CCCollective Open Mic & Jam

Featured In PhoenixStar9’s Music Daily~
Featured On Flite Skool Grad Blog ~
Featured On For Real Tho TV ~
Featured On Examiner.com ~
Featured On Pangeas Garden.com ~
Featured On ATL TomGirl
Featured on KIN4LIFE TV

“The best open mic I’ve ever been to.”
-Sahura Ankh Hotep

“out here reppin the CCCollective Open Mic w/ my shirt on! Folks askin bout it! Missions are being accomplished.”
-Justa Sol

“CCCollective here I come! …Crump handled the mic. Mimi Johnson has our ballads at CCCollective. Nef is the Boss MC!”
-MoEss (For Real Tho TV)

“Enjoyed the Raw Talent on the open mic @ Jamaica Flava on tonight. Big ups and many blessings to the Host, Nef and Black Jesus for treating me with such love and sweet hospitality. Thank you both for being true to yourselves and God. :-)’ssssss”

“At Jamaica Flava with Nefertiti and the Nef Tunes. CCCollective Open Mic is Hot! The young folks are doing their thing in a big positive way.”

“If you are in the Atlanta area, make sure to check out the Creative Culture Collective?s Open Mic event EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT at Jamaica Flava in Decatur.”

“…the show is inspiring, and the food and drinks are intense.”
-FliteSkool Grad

“Coolio night @CreativeJuiceIs … Did a little ditty but Mostly: Was able to meet those teen girls & give to their cause! Always a blessing.”
-Stori Brooks

The CCCollective Open Mic & Jam Friday…

Free Entry
Free Parking
Free Wi-fi
Doors Open @ 8
Show Starts @ 9
Conveniently Located Near I-20
CCCreative Vibrations
Positive People
Great Atmosphere
Attentive Audience
Open Mic
Unique Drink Flavaz
$3 Drink Specials
Shop in the CCCreative Marketplace
Tasty Jamaican & American Food
Raise Your Vibration With The CCCreative CCCommunity
Are U Feeling CCCreative? Step 2 Da Mic.

Join The CCCollective @ Jamaica Flava Lounge Friday, July 15 @ 8p

~Creative Culture Collective, Shatter The Status Quo

For More Visit www.cccollective.blogspot.com

For More Visit www.cccollective.blogspot.com

The CCCollective Open Mic W/ Return of Black Gzus

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