January 25, 2023

25 Tips for social networking on and off line.. Free when you sign up to my mailing list.. matter of fact.. Imma post 5 tips
Free Download HERE (UPDATE ) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=67LEKBFS

1.Don’t put down or speak negatively about someone, you never know WHO KNOWS WHO and how this can affect how far you go in your career 
2.If you are planning on attending an event, and are the nervous type, bring a friend, and or get there early… to assess the area and the people at the event.
3. (Bonus not included in E-book) Carry tic/tacs altoids .. avoid gum.. Tic tacs, and altoids melt, gum.. you gotta get rid of it somehow when the flavor goes.. plus when you chew it in public at an event like that, it can be a turn off for some.

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