December 8, 2022


Dwany(oldest) and Destiny(youngest) Miller was born on May 28th, approximately 43 minutes apart and are known as the “Gemini Twins” for obvious reasons. YES, they are twins and Gemini’s (II). They are known for their quick wit, intelligence, and adaptable personalities. Destiny and Dwany was born in Atlanta, GA and raised in Brunswick, GA. Yes, old country gals. They had a modest upbringing being brought up by a single mother; they knew what it was to struggle, but their mom showed them the importance of life and the difference between wants and needs. Their first job was at the age of 14 and they continued to work so on. They give their mom praise for teaching them to set high goals and working hard to make them come to realization. The twins are firm believers that solely relying on something as superficial as outward beauty to ensure success is not realistic. They believe that a foundation, loyalty, and strong relationships are the key to success. Graduating with honors was one of their most significant accomplishments, but not the end. They believe in having a college education for a back-up plan, but do not believe that you need a college education in order to be successful in life. Destiny graduated with B.S. in Accounting and Dwany graduated with an A. A. S. In Medical Insurance Billing and Coding.

Known for their beauty as twins and being true Gemini’s, they decided to use their advantages and begin the journey of branding themselves. They believe that their amazing look, personality and influence will help them make their mark in the entertainment industry. They have appeared in videos, calendars, and magazines and have hosted numerous events and are continuing to grow and expand themselves as Models, Personalities and Actresses. In the end, Destiny and Dwany has aspirations of designing and branding their own collection of designer accessories from jeans to fragrances. They believe that it’s no limit to there success. Their dreams are big, but with those endearing assets and their driven minds, those dreams are not too far out of reach.

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