November 27, 2022
Name: Amiii Phaiye


One time for the fluffy girls! Meet Amiii Phaiye, an up & coming LGTB awesome sized model who is preparing to change the way you look at LGTB models. Originally from Louisiana by way of Dallas, this twenty-one year old Houston, TX stunner believes size is merely just a characteristic and not a limitation in the fashion world. Her soft & subtle curves prompted her to coin her body type as “fluffy” and here over all size as awesome instead of “full figured” or “plus size.” Super-vampy and always glamorous, Amiii Phaiye’s personality is a perfect mix of femininity, vivaciousness, and sassy humor. The message she has for the LGTB and straight communities is simply to not settle for less than you deserve and never change your standards for things you aren’t comfortable with.

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