February 2, 2023

Q. What made you get into production?

I grew up in a musical household, my stepfather was a singer and songwriter based in New York, so everyday was influenced by music of some sort, from Michael Jackson, the System, New Edition…etc. I just loved it so much that I eventually got into the band and the rest is evident.

Q. How long have you been producing?

I have been producing for about 10 years now, started off as an apprentice to a local Atlanta Producer named Lawrence Spencer, learning a LOT from him about the business. I was briefly with a production team called 302 Entertainment for 2 years (was owned by Delino DeShields) until I branched off on my own in 2002. I joined forces with my co producer (Truth) in 2007 to form SeriousBiz..and the rest is history!

Q. Where are you from?

I was born in Long Island, NY.. Lived there for 8 years before moving to East Orange, NJ for 4 years. When I turned 13 my family moved to Atlanta, and up to about 3 years ago, I remained..

Q. Are you software or hardware based?

I am both… Just getting use to new technology but it makes life soooooo easy now, though I still bang basic drum beats with my vintage MPC 2000! LOL

Q. What projects or artists are you working with or on right now?

We are currently involved with a lot of indie projects at this time along with a few placements. Artists that we are currently working with or are scheduled to collaborate with are rapper/rnb singer NICCI from Charlotte NC, rapper Spita from NY, rnb singer D. Malone from NY, r&B singer Janelle Nadine from Florida, rapper/reggae 2Face from NY/ATL, up and coming rapper 4SHO from Cincinnati, as far as possible placements with collaboration already completed we are working with SCOTTY out of Block Entertainment, and a few more that I can’t mention yet..lol

Q. Sampling or Composing?

More composing now than sampling.. Rarely sample anymore

Q. Who influenced you or influences you as a producer?

My influence was driven by my love of music period. Watching my father putting together projects, watching his struggles as an artist, probably why I love working with artists so much. Another major influence is by the great Quincy Jones, I think a LOT of producers should learn from him. He painted the blueprint to being a GREAT producer..

Q. What is your fave piece of equipment /program ?

My MPC 2000 drum machine…(laughs)!

Q. What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?

So far my greatest accomplishment to date was putting this production company together with my partner and finally obtaining management recently. Our next accomplishment is when NICCI’s single hits the airwaves in the next few days or so…

Q. Where should people go to hear your music and purchase your beats?

They can visit our official website at www.thisisseriousbiz.com to see and hear some music/completed songs. To purchase tracks or collaborations to build custom tracks, they can email our management team at equinones@andmusicgroup.com or goto the website and set an appointment for consultations regarding projects.


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