February 6, 2023
1. what made you want to be a performer?
Well first of all I loved the presence and energy from my favorite recording artists. Secondly it just seems to be my destiny.

2 Is there anything in particular that pushes you?
Yes there is, the people who say I couldn’t do it. My drive for success and I want to influence people all over the world. I feel that I have great music to offer
the world so that pushes me. Also there are entertainers like 50 Cents, Jay-Z, Eminem, P Diddy and others that have made an impact on me, I feel I could do the same for others.

3. Where are you from?
I am so proud to say the lovely New York City. I am from the Bronx, New York.

4. What influences you the most when it comes to your sound?
Well I am influenced by many sounds and genres of music. Sci-fi movies influence me a lot for one. I could be influenced by the way a bird chirps or I may bang a drum pattern on a wall and then go to the studio and throw some melodies on it. If it sounds good to my ear, then I put the magic on it and I make it happen.

5  What do you think will set you apart from everybody else out here?
Well for one I am a work-a-holic. I go hard. I’m not just saying I go hard, but I am up at night while many are sleeping perfecting my craft. My sound is epic, and when people hear it, they always want to hear more. Some people are just satisfied with fame or money. I have the mentality to never be satisfied, that’s what pushes me to run the extra 200 plus miles. The next guy will just run three and then rest. Like I’m not saying I’m not easy to please or never
satisfied, that’s just my work ethic. It keeps me going.

q:what do you feel you can bring to the table of production?
Straight hits ! {laughs out loud} at least that’s what the artists I am currently working with, management and people in the Industry are saying. Well when it comes to music production I really put my all into it. I make sure that the track I’m working on is strictly for that artist that I am working with. Also good quality  music that will stick in your head forever. Any track I give an artist, I feel they are  absolutely going to love it, and eighty out of one hundred they usually do.

q:what is your main goal with production?

To be one of the hottest producers around, and can stay around. Very successful I would love to be. I want to work with not only artist in the Rap,Hip Hop field, but in Pop,Rock and Urban R&B too.

q:are you mainly software based or hardware based?

I would say both. I use M-audio controllers to control my vsts. I also use Cubase, Pro Tools and Fl Studio 9. There is a motif and Korg electribe around too. The reason why I rather go software is because you can do a hella lot with the click of a mouse. Its just so much faster and I am a really busy person so It saves time too.

q:what is your fave piece of equipment /program ?

I started off with Fl Studio 7. Cubase and Fl are dope. My M-Audio Oxygen 25 key is my favorite. I use it in my home studio and on the go.

Q:If someone wanted to contact you regarding production, collaboration, or booking how should they go about that?

My new management (icreeupree@aol.com), Joli Harris from IcreeUPree Music Management Group. For my Dj (Dj Frankie Flava) www.wtmentertainment.com They do weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more.

Big ups to IcreeUPree, my Rich Emage team, Working The Mix Entertainment, Jinx Black Wall, Panama, Will Gone, Louie Castro, Kat St. John what up! I really have to thank the dj’s and everyone for their support. Look out for the “Outta The Stargate” mixtape hosted and mixed by Dj Black Jesus.

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