January 29, 2023

1. Clocking in – Skit was cool set the tone of the mixtape. LABOR DAY!

02. Gotta Go!
Wordplay on the tracks were pretty decent .  Cool party vibe. 

03. Hello Good Morning
The remix was well done for the mixtape.  This beat is not an easy one to  tackle but this came together nicely.

04. Deuces

The Deuces remix was decent metaphors were dope  my favorite line here “WHEN YOU GIVE EM FIRST CLASS THEY WANNA FUCK STANDBY” Story of my life.

05. I’m the shit
The flow get’s a little repetitive, the second verse here showed versatility. Kudos on this one.

06. Work This was also mediocre and it sounded a bit forced. mixtape filler

07. Whats my name – Another party joint but hey that’s his swag just want to hear more versatility the hook wasn’t cutting it here for me .

08. Party in the castle ( feat. Reg )

This is a get you hype joint just enough to get your blood flowing and amped for the party you headed to and puts you in a feel good mood.

09. Massive attack – This beat is just like noise to me, this is my least favorite track out of them all.

10. FLYKINGi – This is an awesome track, very catchy he’s the fly king flykingi, the flow ain’t to be fucked with.

11. Play no games
This instrumental is one of my favorites taken from the fat joe, trick daddy classic,  it came across as lackluster didn’t really stand out to me.

12. Biz Mark King
 This song I loved the energy is amazing and the confidence shows on this track. A must listen

13. UP! Ehh not feeling this one the flow feels forced, got a skip.

14. Meet in the middle – I can only imagine what the live show is like this remix was fire.  This track supports the fact that I think this is one of the dopest indie mixtapes i heard in a while.  FLYKINGI Kills it with the metaphors.

15. T.M.D.
ONE WORD… STUNTIN!!!!!!!! Heavy braggadocio,  but it’s done with finesse.

16. Clocking out

Pretty Dope Outro, New York Seems nervous or something on the skit but the little outro verse was fly!!!

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