January 29, 2023

What made you want to be a performer?

Music is passion. Im the type of person that would b in the room and you wouldnt even know Im there because I usually tend to keep to myself. Us performing music is my way of releasing all of my emotions

Is there anything in particular that pushes you?

yea… my mama I got to make her proud…oh yea…my drive comes from my will to succeed and compete and of course the reward… Im not really in to the fame Im jus trying to do something that I love and eat off it

what gets you started when you prepare to write?

Well first I got to twist a plane up… that starts me up. Then I throw on an instrumental and begin to write… its kind of crazy though because the concept of the song jus comes to me as Im writing… u would think that I would have to think it out before hand you know.


Well artist wise I would love to work wit weezy… Ive been rocking with that nigga since the block is hot… 5 grade nigga… but yea him and my nigga curren$y. producer wise I would have to fuggs wit pharrell and monsta beats reppin the N.O… I can’t forget j.Cole though… I would have to jump on a track wit that nigga to


Mostly pretty laid back on some geeked shit chillin… but Im pretty versatile so u would just have to see

Do you have any other hobbies aside from music?

Yea I hoop and smoke

What song of yours do you consider to be the most successful and why?

I think my song “truth hurts” would b a very successful song if I had to pick…I tell an interesting and common story in a unique way

What sets you apart from other artists?

I keep it real… I rap what Im living and I tell stories… a lot of artist seem to jus b hollering on tracks and not really talking about shit, just talking about shit they don’t have… I dont b on that

Are there any current artists you feel possess great songwriting talent?

Ne-yo… he is one of the best r&b songwriters… J.Cole


I got to start off with the hotboys… I have been rocking to them for 10 yrs and I still bump them to this day… Also weezy, baby a.k.a birdman The numba 1 stunna! Haha… He’ll teach u how to rape The market… My nigga spitta, Ryan Leslie. J.Cole, Bob Marley… The list goes on we could do this all night.

Where do you see your career in 10 years?

I see myself well established heavy in The game, paid and just chillin man kickin it

What was your biggest obstacle in your music career?

As of right now I would say studio time between school an my other job off of this job but once this music shit get cracking for me I’m good… Ain’t no obstacle I can’t overcome

Where were you in your music career 2 years ago?
I was in The ‘Smoovio’ haha… That’s my homie J.Ab’s basement studio… We use to put in work in that bitch… But I was only doing a verse every now and then.. Didn’t get so serious until a year later

How do you feel you have grown as an artist?
I feel like I’ve gotten smarter… Just talking to other people in the game and that have been in The game… Learning from them and my daily adventures… I’m learning every day, putting in work every day and getting better everyday

Where Can People go to listen to your music?

They can follow me on twitter @evb2022 I post songs on there until my mixtape is finished…

What projects are you working on right now that we should be on the lookout for?

Well right now I’m working on my first solo mixtape called “Listen & Inhale” it’s going b a good one… Definitely one for The books… I’m also heading to D.C for a nice little something… I’ll Leave it at that for now

For Collaborations what would be the best way for people to contact you?

Hit my homie Inniss on The Twitter @_inniss_ he’ll handle all The things of that nature

Any shout outs or announcements?
Yea man shout out to my mama of course, Cloud Nin9 CNB what up, what’s good Cleveland I’m reppin my home… Shouts to my brother in D.C and my cuzzo Donnie was good homie… Th nigga b all over… Shout out to DJ Moflava! The tape is comin! Haha…Moves to make, Trees to break other niggas hoes to take… I’m out
Thank you for your time.

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