January 29, 2023

Q: Where are you from and where is your current location?
Born in Belize City, Belize. But I was raised and currently reside in Mt. Vernon, NY. Lower Westchester for those that dont know. J
Q: How long have you been working as a make up artist?
Ive been working as a serious Makeup Artist for 3 yrs now, but Ive been doing makeup since my high school days.
Q: Where do you derive your inspiration from?
I get inspiration from every and anywhere. Im self taught so I make things up as I go. I do what works for me.
Q: Do you use or favor a specific brand or line of products?
Truthfully, no I dont. I love to experiment with different products and different makeup lines. I try to teach young girls and women that you dont have to spend big bucks on such lines as M.A.C. You can easily use Avon, CoverGirl, Loreal, Wet n Wild, Iman, or Black Opal to get that look you want. Its all about techniques and what you fell works best for you. But a line I would recommend is Big Girl Cosmetics www.biggirlcosmetics.com
Q: Who is your favorite celebrity make up artist?
I have a few, but right now I would say Tia Dantzler, for those of you who dont know her shes worked with many but names that stick out are Jennifer Hudson and President Barack Obama.
Q: What made you want to become a makeup artist?
Ive always wanted to go to Cosmetology school, but my parents felt they spent to much for me to go to Catholic school almost all my life to turn around and just be a Makeup artist. So I did what they wanted for a little while but continued doing what came so natural to me. I ended up meeting a few friends that modeled and danced and hated every mua they came across so I was asked to help them out and Ive been doing it seriously ever since. It just fell into my lap at the right time.
Q: what has been your biggest challenge within this industry?
Its a Dog eat Dog World so theres so much competition out there. My biggest challenge is always having to prove myself. Especially, because most females feel they do their makeup so well they feel that makes them a mua and they can do every and any ones makeup, and thats not really not the case . What I do comes naturally to me, Ive never step foot in a class room.
Q: Who would be your dream to work with?
OMG theres so many people I would love to work with. But Id have to say Jennifer Hudson and Queen Latifah are on the top of my list.
Q: Do you plan on creating your own cosmetic line sometime in the future?
Yes I do. Ive been doing my research and Im hoping with in the next 3yrs itll be up and running.
Q: Where can people go to see your work ?
They can always check me out at www.FayesElegance.com and/or www.FaceBook.com/FayesElegance

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