February 5, 2023

Intro to Spectrum Cosmetics Part 1

Intro to Spectrum Cosmetics Part 2

Please see our FAQ for more details FROM THE FOUNDER OF SPECTRUM COSMETICS, Amber Rose: I have always been into healthy skin and over all skin care… but I LOVE makeup. And not all cosmetics are good cosmetics. I’ve heard too many stories of how this makeup or that makeup has irriated, inflamed and even caused permanent damage to the skin. I sout out to make the products that felt silky, smooth and light on the skin but that is also products free of fillers and products that are not good for the over all health of the skin. I wanted to create a vibrant alternative to the “classic” mineral makeup to the “watered down” formulas that a lot of well known industry cosmetics have become. Spectrum Cosmetics is made of several natural products so it will not clog pores, it has naturally high SPF, helps to calm and soothe irritated skin with its zinc oxide content and it is naturally water resistant.
Spectrum Cosmetics are:
✔ Free of harmful Bismuth
✔ Free of nanoparticles or micronized minerals
✔ Talc free
✔ Chemical free
✔ Petroleum, Mineral & Artificial Oil Free
✔ Synthetic Preservative free
✔ Fragrances free
✔ Animal test free PLUS++
✔ GREAT natural mineral makeup
✔ Fast shipping
✔ Superior customer service
✔ Affordable prices
✔ Large variety of products

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