January 26, 2023

Premium Interview,Featured Artist,Mixtape review and Promotion 
*Looking for Online/Radio and Grassroot Promotion?!*
Website Features, Twitter & Myspace boosting, Page Management?!
We Get It Promotions offers all this AND MORE We Promo on 27 Social Networking sites!!*
*Make sure to read through the different services.
***If you want to PACKAGE SOME for a DISCOUNTED PRICE, then reply with what
services YOU WANT and We will PACKAGE them JUST FOR YOU! and GIVE YOU THE BEST PRICE for
everything! **
SO let We Get It Promotions be the PROMOTIONS Team for YOU!*
*Promotional Packages:**
**Twitter Promos- 
5 tweets a week, ran unlimited times a day, on 6 accounts all over
2000+ followers. (this allows you to update new projects that you have going on)
and 2 tweet to boost followers.
**MySpace Promos-
Promotions from my company page & promotions from your
page- commenting people to check out your latest project, getting you up to
150-300+ friends a week, & more plays & views daily.
**Website Promos-
This will include a FEATURE of you on our company websites www.pivotrecords.com www.phoenixstar9online.com 
Full interview done Which includes blast of the interview promoted on twitter for the month &
for you to use as well.
 You will be featured the whole month on both sites, and promoted for this feature.
I will post your PRESSKIT (which includes: a picture of you, a bio, your
contact links, and a promotion of your latest mix tape, video, song, etc.)
I also will do an telephone interview on the 3rd week. The feature will be promoted on
all accounts For this package as well.
Radio spins for 1 month, on air radio interview $100.00(INCLUDES FULL PROMOTION OF BOTH)
Constant promotion with contact information and music information (commercial style $150.00 a month mentioned twice during radio show)
**Website music plays- 
This is just to be featured on  both websites for 2 weeks, includes promotions on twitter for the feature.
I will post up your press kit as well as an interview on 2nd week.
**Artist Page — 
Included is a picture of yourself, bio, recent projects, credentials,
all contact links and info, and booking info.
**Youtube Promo– 
subscribers are hard to guarantee but I do promote your you tube channel and videos on all accounts
for the month.
-Or –
I will also upload your video to our youtube account for added promotion
I will do 4 tweets a week and update them as the month goes on if you update me with new videos or whatever you’d like.
**Page Management –
I will run your twitter or myspace page for the month.
I will post updates off your page of new projects or features you want me to.
I will deal with your followers or friends for the page as well.
You leave special instructions of how you want your page to be dealt with
and the job will be done. no worries, while you do what it is that you need in life.
**Twitter Follower Boosting – 
I have a program I designed myself. I use it on my own pages on twitter.
I choose to follow everyone back whom follows me.
That is the way of twitter anymore. So with the flow of that, I made my own
Program and it has worked so well for me.
I offer this service for your page on twitter for a small fee.
This includes: 100-200 followers a day, It will follow those who follow you and unfollow those who you follow but did not return the favor simple as that and I do all the 
work for you.
**Twitter or Myspace Fan Page –
This includes me creating a FAN PAGE for YOU on TWITTER.
I will run everything on the page. I will boost the followers,
which totals about  500 a week. I will also post updates for you
as well as promote your MAIN PAGE off the FAN PAGE.
You can use your main page as a personal page if you choose.
alot of people have chosen this.
**Artist Management is Available**
**Studio Time Available, time included engineer fee**
**Beats available, from Platinum Producers**
**Writing Services (Biographies, Press Releases)**
**Contract review available, by in-house lawyers**
**Mix-tape slots**
*Email me for more information and to discuss anything further you are looking for*
**CEO of We Get It Promotions Marketing and Information.** ( C. CLARKE)
Specializing in Promotions & Marketing
Connecting on all Social Networks
Email: wegetitpromo@gmail.com, phoenixstar9mp3@gmail.com

(843) 564-8675

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