February 2, 2023


Omikron is a beast out the gate. I underestimated him completely. “Hands Up” is pretty nice the beat is grimey his lyrical skills are pretty average but he makes up for it with flow, energy, and delivery. “Heavy” produced by K-Phetic is dope the underground feel of this track among others on this mixtape is enough to make true hip hop heads bob their heads. “Let’s be Clear” the beat is fucking dope and Omikron kills it, his energy brings this track to the forefront.
  “Rabblerousin” was ok but would get a skip just wasn’t feeling the beat.  “SpotLight” has some superior wordplay a step up from the other tracks on the mixtape definitely could see this in the club flow is on point here.  “Live It” can’t really get into this one or “Overload” the overload chant gets a tad annoying. “Inc. Monsters” the lyrics on this one or rather the punchlines come across a little played. “My Spot” tell’s a little more about Omikron, regardless of the lyrics the energy carries the song here. Definitely would get play.  “Casablanca” is definitely a banger Omikron rips this beat into pieces! “EXHALE” not digging the singing on the intro rapping is nice though on this one, shows a different side loving the energy, my only suggestion is getting an actual singer there.  “The DREAM” offers up some awesome imagery, Omikron tells an awesome story here a must listen to. “Saga” also speaks to the underground definitely a mellow track to space out to. “In My Heart” is a beautiful heart felt track definitely filled with raw emotion. “Push” this one is cool for an outro.

I rate this mixtape a B- this mixtape was pretty good, loved the energy on the tracks just needed to hear more variety and just more improvement on the lyrics as far as metaphors, and punchlines go, solid mixtape drop overall.

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