January 29, 2023
The mixtape opens with “LEMONADE FREESTYLE” Loving the flow only complaint is the mix on the vocals everything else is nice for a freestyle. “Neva Stop the word play is bananas, the confidence on the track is crazy this is definitely a banger. “That Ill” is ill the punch lines are crazy, I must admit this wasn’t what I expected. “Hands Up” is jam packed of crazy punch lines ” in the game like Derwin Davis” good shit on this track. Checking out the production the instrumental choice match his flow here. “So Special” pt 1 and 2 are both dope, he maintains the flow is definitely a track you would love to bang with your girl in the whip or in the crib. The only part about the mixtape that bothers me is the resemblance to 50 Cent in flow. Max Thrillz needs to be concerned with not sounding like other artists so that he stands out. “Lame Nigga” could actually do with out the feature, it actually made me want to almost skip the track at that point. “Green Piece of Paper” goes hard great concept definitely a banger good shit. “Call Her” got a skip I wasn’t feeling it out the gate. “Mack 11” comes out swingin! I typically find it hard to believe about women with gun talk but she makes it sound extra believable here. The whole track here is well rounded. Wasn’t feeling the mix on the beat on the last track “S.O.S” bass line is loud as hell drowns the vocals.
The mixtape gets a B+ From me Max Thrillz is the future. The mixtape could do with less features and more original tracks (Instrumentals) definitely a must download.

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