February 6, 2023

REVIEW BY – Phoenixstar9

The intro track to the 4th letter fell just a little short to me flow wise he stumbled a few times. The next track”Lyfe” the beat over shadows the vocals, mixwise.  “Top of the World” shows potential, the lyrics are there, the flow again needs to be polished, and come with a little more confidence,had to skip to the next track. ” Return of Hip Hop”  came with a little more fire this track shows a little more hunger, flow is picked up this is a nice underground track this one’s pretty solid. ” We the industry” is a gritty underground banger, the cypher is rounded out well with the guest appearances as they give the industry a piece of their minds. “Motivation” is a strong track one of the strongest on the Mixtape so far, he stays lyrical as the beat pumps through the speakers, almost daring naysayers, and this one is definitely a winner. ” Hold Up” goes in and this shows a more polished delivery, this beat matches him perfectly.  “Shut it Down” is above all the most solid mainstream track, catchy and had me boppin my head definitely need to get this one out to the djs. “Off the Wall” is strong it has a cocky arrogant edge to it  and is worth a listen, something to bump when you feeling yaself.  D still stumbles just a little on “The Bounce” it sounds like he’s holding back which doesn’t work well on this track.  “Bump That” the production gets a little annoying on this track and it sounds as if D is trying to connect his flow to the beat I hear his potential but this track just doesn’t bring it out.  “Remember” is a heart to heart track, the hook is nice, however the flow again throws me off as if he’s reading off the paper on this one, again I hear the potential and I feel like the flow just needs to be developed.  “Where do we Go From Here” is a fist pump track, i think the message on this one is a strong political feel.  He comes through strong here. Decent track. “Death is Knockin” the verses are very lyrical and gives a great storytelling vibe, and it makes you actually listen and keeps your interest here deep cut here. “Monster” Is truly what he says it its he actually delivers with this one, definitely a must listen track.

 Overall the mixtape was average gets a D+ .  Definitely had some strong points but it fell slightly short of greatness.
Pros: Lyrically he presented a strong side, and the features on the tape were nice they complimented his style and had a few cuts  that were noteworthy such as “Shut it Down” and “We the industry”
Cons: The delivery on this was subpar I feel like the flow and the instrumental choice could have been better and a few tracks could have been left off such as “Bump That” among others.

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