December 9, 2022
Amore’ The KING & Dj C-Rock Present: The Fever Pitch

“What You Sippin” starts this mixtape off, and is pretty catchy his flow is slick and Sick! A club banger that can reach beyond the dirty south clubs. “The Throne” is nice however the dj spin on this one threw me off, however it is on the instrumental itself, but the song itself is cool Amore’ is reminiscent of a young T.I. “Alien Abduction” I can’t wrap my head around the hook, the singer is off key in a few parts , however Amore’ gives this track his all but you want the track to be perfect and this particular one doesn’t round out .
“Throwed Off” is hot he basically kills the track my favorite lines here ” Let me talk my fly shit , called your girl talking rude, I don’t even try bitch, she answer the phone i be like hi bitch, tell her I aint coming through she be bout to cry bitch and that’s no lie bitch, I got my clothes
in your closet like it’s my shit” I played this track over and over HOTNESS. Definitely a hit!
“In the Clouds” wow I must say it takes a lot to put a song together and this track makes you really want more, the content of this one is the truth. He displays top shelf storytellying skills. “Hold On” is a dope track the singer brings the track out. This song is is definitely for the ladies and is sure to be in your girl’s playlist. If you are on the grind everyday this should be the song you play when your woman doesn’t quite understand why you do what you do. “That Fever” is more filler than anything I’m not really feeling it. “Lyrical Hustler” is pretty nice, he sounds like he is trying to catch up to the beat just a little which is slightly off putting. “Let Me Get Em” is a monster the track knocks and he lays his witty wordplay over it. This track is more or less the who I am track on this mixtape, but on this one he is warnng these subpar rappers out here , get out the way! “Hide and Seek” is crazy awesome punchlines even though some are a bit overused “bring the beef to your door like a pizza hut delivery”. “Ghetto, Sex, Life” is a jewel he doesn’t stray far from his formula, he is unsigned hype. The track is well written and In my opinion flawless, wicked wordplay here. “Live Large” is a bedroom track I got plans for ths song. Seriously this track is too hot, The beat and tone is just a smooth let me cuddle with you song. “Nowhere” is a true to heart track, he gives you a glimpse into his world on this one.
Overall this mixtape was a solid project, with several dope tracks. Leaves you wanting more though. Lyrically he’s on point and this mixtape will more than likely have you with a few tracks on repeat. A must listen!

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