January 26, 2023

Phoenixstar9 and Summer D.
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Summer D: What did you think of the mixtape?

PHOENIXSTAR9: I actually liked it a whole lot.
PHOENIXSTAR9: I had it on my mp3 player for months since last year
I LIKE “SPRUNG” Its my favorite track.

Summer D: I like ready and sprung…

Summer D: I like
“Neva Eva” but when he starts talking about putting dick in her I’m like GGGGAGGGGG
Summer D: GROSS
Summer D: BUT I like the song

Straight people probably like the graphics because I like when its a girl talking about what she would do to another girl
: So I don’t think that’s a fair critique .because I really do like that song

PHOENIXSTAR9: I loved it the mixtape,  I liked Dre’s voice on the tracks.
He and Nera have great chemistry
Summer D: I was thinking the same…they sound good together and it’s a great girl/guy combination.
PHOENIXSTAR9: My favorite song that stays on repeat is the Sprung song..
Summer D: I like when they are on the track together…their voices compliment each other…like he doesn’t overpower her voice and neither does she

Summer D: the sprung song does give me some visuals
PHOENIXSTAR9: What kind of visuals?
Summer D: Just putting the words of the song into action….they elaborated well on the verses for that song
PHOENIXSTAR9: I Know. It made me a fan of both of them the “Cupcake” song is also a favorite of mine
Summer D: I haven’t gotten to that one yet I’m listening to “Gon Get Crazy”
Summer D: I like his lyrics on this one but I don’t like the way he sounds on the chorus it needs something added…maybe her voice over his or echoing
but I’m still on the first verse so
Summer D: Yes they need to do the chorus together on this one
 I love the way she says the gon get get get on the chorus…lol and I like the lyrics on the song…
PHOENIXSTAR9: I’m listening to that one now, I think I skipped past it because I personally don’t like the instrumental which is the Usher Trading Places you’re right it does sound out of place on the chorus.
PHOENIXSTAR9: Nera’s voice is so nice on the track.
Summer D: if he added her to his chorus then it would sound better…yes her voice is amazing on this one….

Summer D: The mental visions are crazy…they are not holding back at all on the lyrics…It’s hot
PHOENIXSTAR9: you are right if they were together on this one on the chorus I would like it better

Summer D: I’m listening to “Addicted” now

PHOENIXSTAR9: The beat on this one also didn’t catch me
I will say this about Dre’s voice it’s original and he has a nice flow
Summer D: I like the way he sounds on this track and again the lyrics are definitely there. If you hear how she comes in on the chorus this is what puts the umpf in it…just a little something spicy.
Summer D: Now I’m listening to your  favorite, Cupcake…lol
PHOENIXSTAR9: I agree, its like magic on this one.
Summer D: they just really sound gr8 together….
PHOENIXSTAR9: Cupcake is  my favorite track
, it relates to how I feel about someone  so it connected
Summer D: What did this some 1 do to u???
PHOENIXSTAR9: Nothing .. yet

Summer D: I like the beat on this song…and it shows the originality of their collaboration
PHOENIXSTAR9: Dre really rides on this track

Summer D: Yes  he stands out on this…
 I have to agree “Cupcake” is my favorite because they are really owning it on that one together

Summer D: Nera’s voice is magical…like it puts me on Venus or something…
PHOENIXSTAR9: She owns this instrumental this is from NINA SKY RICK ROSS “CURTAIN CALL”
Summer D: Her voice is really nice on this one…I love it….
PHOENIXSTAR9: I Love Nera’s voice
Summer D: I think this one is one of my favorites
PHOENIXSTAR9: I see her going places
Summer D: Definitely
PHOENIXSTAR9: The songwriting on this track is nice
Summer D: Yes….very nice…you can tell they put in work on this one.
PHOENIXSTAR9: When Dre comes in on this one it gets crazy
PHOENIXSTAR9: Both are very versatile
Summer D: Agreed…
Summer D: This one is my favorite

 ON  “Galaxy”
Summer D: On this one the music is covering up her voice in my opinion…I could be wrong
Summer D: I like the beat let me go back
PHOENIXSTAR9: but the beat does cut in
PHOENIXSTAR9: as far as the mix
Summer D: I like the beat!!! but I’m trying to hear her
PHOENIXSTAR9: I can hear what you mean
PHOENIXSTAR9: on her vocals
Summer D: yeah they need to turn the beat down just a little because the beat is so strong….u know what I mean?
Summer D: Again I could be wrong
PHOENIXSTAR9: It clouds her vocals just a little
PHOENIXSTAR9: which track do you want to check out now?
Summer D: her vocals are still beautiful but I am more focused on the beat
 On “Hood”

Summer D: See how her voice stands out on this one…VERY STRONG…yet soft and beautiful?
Summer D: yes!!!!!!!! her voice is mesmerizing  her voice just catches your attention
PHOENIXSTAR9: the lyrics and the concept of the song is true
PHOENIXSTAR9: You have some people that are just hood so to speak
but it doesn’t matter because you know that person has you.
PHOENIXSTAR9: This is also a favorite.
Summer D: Yes…I don’t know why I skipped it initially but I like her vocals on this one and his vocals stand out as well.
PHOENIXSTAR9: So overall the whole mixtape
PHOENIXSTAR9: What would you rate it
PHOENIXSTAR9: On a scale of 1-10 10 being the highest?
PHOENIXSTAR9: How did you feel about the mixtape
Summer D: I would say like an 8 or 8.5 I like most of the songs but it needs just a little more variety as far as the variations.
PHOENIXSTAR9: That’s all I need

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