December 8, 2022

Review by – Phoenixstar9

“Leave me Lonely” shows his hunger showcases his drive but is a notable must listen, and is a strong opening track. “
“Feel My Pain” came off a little low energy but the message gets through as he gives insight into his struggles. “4th Coasting” is a smooth laidback track however the only complaint i have is the sound quality at times, but shows off his impeccable story telling skills. “Business 2 Handle” the vocals are drowned and overshadowed by the beat which is not the type of presentation you want to present to the public, quality at all times. “Homicide ON Me” is a banger, definitely a street track and his confidence shines on this one.”Lets Go” again the quality is a must and the mix makes it hard to understand what he’s saying. “Warrior” also needs the vocals brought forward, but overall the track goes hard, he shows he’s multifaceted with this one.  shows he’s still that NIGGA. “On Call” is definitely a track for the Ladies jusrt shows not all men are created equal and this proves it.  “World of Sin” just goes to show that as much as you might want to trust people living in this world of sin changes situations definitely a must listen, he doesn’t come off as conscious rapper but still makes you think. “Life Goes On” is an inspirational track delivers the message that through everything life goes on, and things happen, hits close to home. Morals over Money is a lyric lover’s dream, it’s rare to come across a track that is honest and vibe worthy “
do the words that i say make you shoot some guys do the words that i say bring my own demise” “Like Me” is honestly a pretty good track, still giving a glimpse of his life to the audience. “Just IN Case” is another example that hip hop is still alive, he brings an old school vibe and it actually holds substance.  “Too Cool” is actually just that, love the vibe of the beat, sounds like Laid loosened up a little here and it paid off. “Head of State” is the grittiest track  on the album, he still stays true, no swag talk, no annoying boasting, just true hip hop.

Overall I have to give it to him, This album is a must buy! If you are looking for hip hop, true hip hop, look no further.
The only issues I had with the album is quality on a few tracks, other than that definitely above average.
 Certified A-.

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