January 28, 2023

Review by – Phoenixstar9

“Something Good” Ft Oshawn – the one thing about this track that sticks out is the vocals, however the production is a little lack luster but is

an average cut. The “Hello Good Morning” remix was a hot on the harmonies, the rapping features were solid a nice track here.  “Just a Dose” is

nice the beat along with the melodic flow of Rachel’s sultry voice makes this one of the top tracks on the whole mixtape. “Freak Shit” ft Tony B.

 is indeed just that,  RATED MATURE, however it’s a nice twist on the “Dueces” track. “Stay Or Go” is a really well put together track, this is

one of the best originals on the mixtape, the production is really knockin on this one, she KILLS the bridge! (Side Note: I am a sucker for

Bridges) .  “Come Home” is a nice collaboration between Rachel and Jahdi B. Ciroc its a mellow bedroom track that should really be in your

Pplay list when it’s “That Time” a brilliant track from two talented vocalists, and a well composed track. I honestly was Not really feeling

“Karaoke Interlude” at first but I gave it a chance and it grew on me a laid back track to think on. ” Just What to Do” got a skip, the

production on this one gets a little annoying. “Let’s Go” feat John Lass and Andano was a nice track and i like the way she gives her

collaborators a chance to shine on the track, this one knocks in the whip HEAVY a dope track. “Comin For Ya” ft O.Cross and Dash was a little

mediocre lyric wise, only because from the other tracks seems she’s capable of better. “Music High” ft Free came off as a filler track just a

little average this one wouldn’t get much play from me. ” In my Heart” FT J. Wright and Mulah started off pretty hot the only thing that sets

this song back is the sample vocals in the song that throw you off, but this song is really nice makes me get a warm feeling, that falling in

love vibe, this ones certified.  “Take Over” ft QP DA kIDD AND Tony B. is definitely a standout track here loving the production on this one,

it’s one of the nicest uptempo tracks on the mixtape. “Save the Day” ft Trey Smith didn’t really grab my attention too much got a skip. “Gotta

Go” ft John Lass is a little different the beat makes you listen but Rachel”s voice is what makes you keep it there.

This was a very very creative project.  I give this an A – I loved most of the tracks others came off a little rushed.  The mix on the vocals

also is very important on any record that you  present to the public and this one needed a little clearer mix but I still loved it none the less.

 A MUST DOWNLOAD! Rachel and her Collaborators will leave you wanting more.

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