December 7, 2022
Killa Kel SB: D.O.A Vol. 1
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I think we got a problem Houston!!  Lets keep it one hundred  I dont know too many female MCs whos killin the mixtape circuit the way Killa Kel SB is.  I wish I could compare her sound or flow with another rapper, but shes in a lane all by herself.  I review countless mixtapes per month so I rarely listen to each track longer than one minute if Im not feeling it.  Dont front, you know you skim music the way I do too; especially if its garbage.  To my surprise however, I listened to this whole mixtape from intro to outro with no fast forward button anywhere in sight.  Even the intermission had my head nodding and shawty wasnt even rappin on it.  Real Talk! 

Any hip-hop lover would be impressed with Killa Kel SBs skills and delivery.  Every songs beat goes hard with a well calculated flow to match.  I like how she turned Trey Songz Invented sex into a rap song.  It showed listeners just how versatile she is as an artist.  Songs like My girl, Sleeping on me, Better days,  Flex freestyle, Bury ya, Get down, 16 bar freestyle, Problem, fresh freestyle and Girl Lets do it will have everybody (male or female) feeling themselves. 

As stated on Wetter she takes a beat and makes it hers;  I doubt anyone would dare disagree.  In an era where every rappers lyrics consist of money, cars, clothes and hos, Killa Kel SB holds her own against any rapper out there from Houston to Iraq.

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