Reaction to Mack Strong @mackstrong3 “Man in the Mirror”

Mack Strong, thank you for bringing the fire and authenticity back to music videos. Hailing from Columbus, Georgia, Mack is making a name for himself through creative content and confident energy. Mack strong put a lot of heart into this video and it could possibly be a short film if…

Album Review: “Dear God… Thank You” By Kid Cut @OfficialKidCut

So, Kid Cut is really that dude. No. Really. I just listened to his new album, “Dear God… Thank You” and I replayed it like 3 or 4 times. The first track that really pulled me in was “Facts”, and it set the stage with lines like “I don’t need…

Popmfs (@Popmfs) Jump Out Music Video Review

I really enjoyed this fun and energetic music video from Popmfs for his song, “Jump Out”. He is one of the few artists that I would honestly pay my hard earned money to see perform. He is an artist to follow and one of the few artists to watch coming…

Sacrifice – Gallo (@gallolocknez) and JFlo (Album Review)

Gallo and JFlo have really woke me up out of my slumber with this one.  I think that most people that listen to this album will feel where these 2 creatives are coming from and where they are going with this piece of work.  The opening track “Sacrifice” blew me…

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