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 LOVE AND HATE (Song Review and Critique) “I’m Lyrical” BooYond @BooYond Love : The artist’s voice and the potential in the lyrics.Hate: The flow, Lack of Confidence,generic beat.  The way that nothing rhymes except the hook portion and only some of that. I feel the artist has potential, the song comes out as a[…]

SONG REVIEW AND CRITIQUEBROOKE JEAN “PULSATING”REVIEW BY PHOENIXSTAR9 Creativity – This is definitely a lot different than what I’m used to hearing, consdering this is more of a poem than a song, but then again what is a song but a poem.. Beat-  that beat is a little off putting sound wise,but it grows on[…]

Song Review and Critique : “Miss My Girl” Chuck Young ft T-DOT @chuckyoung925  Review by @AVEYROSE from show details 12:45 PM (1 hour ago) @aveyrose Creativity –  It was definitely creative and different.   Hook-   The hook was memorable and did sum up what the song was about. It wasn’t complicated the first time I listened[…]

Song ReviewGreek – “Crazy” @GREEK845 BY- Phoenixstar9 Hook- no.. was not a fan.. the auto tune turned me all the way off from the hook.Just take it off the hook Beat-  The beat is annoying Lyrics : Sounded a little thrown together Melody: The melody was ok I just wish the artist would have went[…]

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Written in blood – Stalker (STK Productions) Song Review and Critique Creativity – Definitely different, the sample used waaaay left field Hook- Not gonna lie I could only understand the sample throughout the hook Beat-  Almost made me hit the stop button. I oddly liked it a little. Originality- NEVER HEARD ANYTHING LIKE IT BEFORE[…]

 Song Review “If you wanna Know” by SongByrd  Review by – Phoenixstar9  Check out the song here –>>     Hook- Catchy, I was just still trying to figure out what “if you wanna know” had to do with the song. I think I may need to look over the lyrics. Beat-  I loved[…]

 Song Review and Critique “VOICE OF THE NEW BREED” by colossal music Hook- was alright Beat-  Beat was average Originality- Didn’t really sound like anyone else i’ve heard before Lyrics : Nothing really thought provoking or made me want to run it back Melody: Melody is a victorious one, it was nice Flow- the flow[…]

Song ReviewC-Class” G’D UP”C-CLASS A.V.E. Music Group LLC  By – Phoenixstar9Follow the Artist on twitter @cclass1  Listen to the Track below

Song Review  Feeling Good – N. Talekt Hook- I think the hook really would have done better with a singer on it Beat-  The beat was nice the strings and the drums at the intro were a nice touch. Originality- I would say that it is pretty original, not a lot of rappers just go[…]