New Album Review- Laid Thomas (@Laid_Thomas) : Sumerian Language

Laid Thomas is back with his latest offering, “Sumerian Language”. The intro to the project, “IDK”, is dope. “IDK” is smooth and laid back showcasing Laid’s real life as a family man, that is truly there for his children. The sample is a nice touch, and reminds me of a time when rap was real[…]

Popmfs (@Popmfs) Jump Out Music Video Review

I really enjoyed this fun and energetic music video from Popmfs for his song, “Jump Out”. He is one of the few artists that I would honestly pay my hard earned money to see perform. He is an artist to follow and one of the few artists to watch coming out of Columbus, Georgia. I[…]

Sacrifice – Gallo (@gallolocknez) and JFlo (Album Review)

Gallo and JFlo have really woke me up out of my slumber with this one.  I think that most people that listen to this album will feel where these 2 creatives are coming from and where they are going with this piece of work.  The opening track “Sacrifice” blew me away from the smooth vocal[…]