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Album Review  Laid Thomas “Cabernet “ Click Here to Listen and Purchase Coming straight out of Waterloo, Iowa is rap artist ,Laid Thomas. He has dropped his second album, “Cabernet”. Artists like Laid Thomas make me proud of being a hard worker. He comes out swinging with “So Wonderful” in an honest look through his[…]

Read Our New Interview: Skittles ” @whoisskittles “

             Q.What aspect of making music excites you the most right now?   1) The aspect that excites me the most about making music is knowing that I’m going to produce something different every time. I think that makes me stands out from the rest because I’m quick to experiment[…]

  New Jersey’s Own Crystal “Deniro” Simmons, is Back with a Blazing Anthem, Representing “N.J. in a Big Way”.  Deniro- “Ima Do It 4 My People”!

Fearless Kid ft. Polow Dude – “Flip Money” Official Music Video ‘Radio E…

New Music Video from Fearless Kid ft. Polow Dude – “Flip Money”

Artists Get Featured on Major Moves 2

Want some exposure? Download the Major Music Beat Tape & record to any one of the tracks and submit finished track to Tracks will be aired on Producers Corner and judged by the panel as well as fans will be able to go to and vote for your songs as well. Winner will[…]

     Interview with producer @ChaChaAOM ChaCha Malone Q: what brought you to rocbattle A:  I was at a studio session in 2007 and a friend mentioned he’d been participating in online beat battles.  He suggested I sign up.  At the time, I got really excited about it because I’d never heard of anything like that[…]

Check out this interview my colleague did with Body Guard ” Big Slim ” check out full interview to contact him for any security work you may need. “When was the last time you did something thrilling?So often we like to live life on the edge; seeking thrilling adventures and daring ourselves to see the[…]

Video Tutorial on eq’ing Hi-Hats using software.

This post is dedicated to the top 10 helpful posts that we have ever put out! Tips, Tools, and tricks! A little something for everyone. No particular order btw.. 1. The CC and BCC feature on emails…. it will save a lot of your email relationships in the future I promise !! 2.  The one[…]

 Phoenixstar9 Online has launched their new website for the promotion of DJs, producers, and urban artists. The website has been in the works for a few months now and is finally ready and user friendly. It now offers song reviews, and critiques, as well as mixtape promotion, and media blasts, among other services.  Tammy P.[…]