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If this then that is very impressive I can actually finish a lot of tasks with ease! I get my facebook photos send to Dropbox, I can have my dms from twitter emailed to me so I can get to them in a reasonable amount of time for business.  They have several channels twitter,facebook,soundcloud,etc that you can mix and match  different tasks with
For example :
 Text to escape

Call my phone
This action will call your phone number and say a message.

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Directions: Text IFTTT in order to receive a fake call to get you out of almost any situation.


The that part of a task is the Action. Some example Actions are “then send me a text message” or “then create a status message on Facebook.”


Triggers and Actions come from Channels. Channels are the unique services and devices you use every day. Some example channels:




Phone Call

Phone Call


All together now

When you put one channel’s trigger together with another channel’s action, that’s a task! Here is a task that saves every new photo I take with Instagram to my Dropbox:

if instagram then dropbox


Create a recipe to share a task with friends. Here is a recipe for the task above:

instagram to dropbox


Tasks can be turned on and off. When turned back on, they pick up as if you had just created them.

Polling period

Tasks poll for new trigger data every 15 minutes.

Create some time saving tasks! Fun and Easy! Visit IFTTT.COM

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