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 Ms. Bhavin – Ego Trippin


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Ms. BHavin jumps right into her new mixtape Ego Trippin with the fire of the blazing record Epic.  The percussion on the production jumps out right away.  Ms. BHavin has a unique delivery which is one of the biggest draws of her music. Epic is dope and a record I would spin heavy.

I love the concept of Miss B and Ms. BHavin going back and forth like an episode of Tara.  Armadale Poppin is another record I would spin heavy.  The production once again is bangin and her cadence and flow are perfect. The joint Badd with Rasheeda and Gangsta Boo didnt really make an impression with me. Ms. BHavin is a caliber of emcee that doesnt require the big names for features.  She can carry this without any help.

He Lyin is going to bust a grip of 12s in the trunk! This record BOOMS! I could see this record easily becoming a female anthem with the content of the lyrics basically callin out all the lyin ass bruthas that swear they wont eat pussy.  Man, please stop lyin! This record is funny but BOOMIN like crazy. Dont Make Me None is another track with an unnecessary feature.  9th Ward Gucci really didnt add any value to the track and with his verse jumpin in first I hit skip quick.

My Fresh has a huge sound with the production.  Another one I would spin on the regular and another one that will bust a hole in ya subs. Then comes Mr. DJ which as a DJ I loved right off the top. The loop rolling over the beat is dope and Ms. BHavins flow is once again fiyah.

Im not a big fan of the production on Easy. If the song doesnt drop in within the first 30 seconds Im out of there so this is another one I hit skip on. Good thing too because Diva Check falls in with a dope beat and a fly hook.  The production is once again dope and Ms. BHavins flow is smooth.  This is another record I can see evolving into a ladies anthem.  Call Me sounds like something made for Drake.  I wasnt feeling this record but that could be because I just kept picturing Drake ripping the beat. We Cant Be Friends caught my attention with the horns and the wah guitar and then Wanda Faye swings in with her sultry voice singing the hook.  Production is dope and Wanda Faye was a great feature, but I felt this was Ms. BHavins weakest lyrical endeavor.

Dont Bust is an odd song lol It starts out with a smooth and mellow flava then all the sudden jumps off to some kind of Euro flavor. That made me hit skip the second time that Euro flava jumped into the middle of the song.

Baby Mama Drama has some beautiful production and starts off real nice.  My only complaint is that I dont think a big 808 boom fit the rest of the song.  This one calls for a simple and mellow jazz kick.

Over Now takes a long time to start and that is always the quickest way for me to hit skip.  Once it did finally kick in after 30 seconds I was mad that I waited.  I dont like anything about this song.

There are 17 tracks total on EgoTrippin but strip the intro, interlude, and outro out and you have 14 tracks to choose from.  Of those 14 I would spin 6 in heavy rotation and remix 3 others to get them in rotation.  Overall I would definitely suggest adding Ms. BHavins EGO TRIPPIN mixtape to your playlists, but I should add a disclaimer that I am a big fan of Ms. BHavin so all honesty included  I support her music and her unique styles.  I downloaded the mixtape for whatever that counts.

Da’ Hitman:  Unique Styles Show on Swurv Radio Saturdays 8pm CST/9pm EST
Gemini DJ
Mixtape Syndicate DJ
Third Coast DJ
Certified Lord Gang DJ
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